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What Kind of Dog is That?

Do you ever get asked that question when walking your mixed breed dog through the park?  Don't know how to answer, other than saying it's a mixed breed?   If you have ever wondered what breeds your mixed-breed dog may have come from, now you can find out!

With the advent of DNA testing, Northside Animal Hospital can help you find out exactly what kind of dog your “Fido” really is.  Is he a Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, or maybe descends from a Portuguese Water Dog or Briard.   We can extract a small blood sample here at Northside during Fido's next scheduled visit and through our partnership with Mars Veterinary's Wisdom Panel™ MX Mixed Breed Analysis, in as little as 2-4 weeks, you will know for sure. You will receive a full-color customized report on your dog's results.

An additional benefit of the Wisdom Panel™ MX Mixed Breed Analysis is that it will help Northside veterinarians work with you to develop optimal care and well-being plans for your canine companions and allow us all to better understand your dog's traits.

Think this is a Briard mix, maybe part Portugese Water dog and part Irish Wolfhound?  How about a Labradoodle?  Can't tell by looking, can you?!?

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