Therapy Dogs

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Several Northside patients volunteer their time doing service work, giving back to the community.   If you double-click on any of the pictures a larger version will appear.

Above:  Keltie, a TDI certified Therapy Dog participated in "A Walk for a Cure"- The Children Cancer Foundation in the Fall of 2005. Above:  Tyronne and Rudy on the flight deck of the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier in NYC where they represented Therapy Dogs International at the annual Bear Search and Rescue & Service dog day on Sept 2005.  Both Tyronne and Rudy are TDI certified Therapy Dogs.

Therapy dogs volunteer their time visiting hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, schools, libraries and most anywhere they can provide support and relief.  Through their visits, Therapy Dogs have been known to:
    - alleviate depression, anxiety, and stress in the homebound or institutionalized patient.
    - stimulate spontaneous performance of active ROM exercises, especially of the hand.
    - relax pre-existing contractures due to arthritis.
    - increases motivation to get out of bed in the morning.
    - decreases blood pressure.
    - have been seen to increase awareness in the cognitively impaired.
    - stimulates social interaction, as patients share memories and the experience.

Dogs are "certified" as therapy dogs through a variety of organizations across the US and the world.  Dogs typically must pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen requirements as well as some additional exercises to verify the dogs will respond well in  a "therapy" environment.   

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