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Northside Animal Hospital patient records have been computerized since 1985.  Each of our examining rooms is equipped with a fully networked computer with access to your patient's complete history.

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On your first visit you will be requested to complete a Patient Profile form.  The information will be entered into our computer system and unlike most doctors offices and hospitals (both human and animal), we will never have to ask for any medical information again.   A photo will be taken of your pet and a bar-coded Northside Patient  Id card will be created.     

Each time you return to Northside Animal Hospital, your pet's Id card will be scanned.  All information previously supplied by you as well as all prior medical treatment history as recorded by Northside Animal Hospital veterinarians will be available to the attending doctor in the examining room.  Even before your pet arrives there, all records will have pulled up on screen for your doctor to review.

All tests, findings and treatments are added to each patient's computerized record.  This results in a comprehensive medical history that is totally legible for both patient and doctor to see (unlike many handwritten records).
Northside Animal Hospital's computer system has proven to be extremely successful.  We use our computer system first and foremost as a tool to help us provide the very best care to our patients and only secondarily as an invoicing and accounting system so we can spend our time and effort providing the quality care our patients deserve.

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